Music Lessons and the Mozart Effect

Listening to Mozart

The Mozart’s Effect refers to the idea that music could boost your child’s mental functioning. This sounds like a wonderful idea – emerge you baby in beautiful music and she will develop in a more positive way.

Temporary Effect

  • The idea emerged from a study that suggested that college students who listening to Mozart Sonata showed a TEMPORARY increase in their spatial-temporal reasoning, the effect lasted for about 10 minutes.

Spatial-temporal reasoning is when you visualize something in space that unfolds over time, for example, reading a map.

The Idea Spreads

Spatial –temporal reasoning was measured by IQ testing and the idea spread that listening to Mozart could increase intelligence. It was suggested that the idea should be tried on children, babies, and unborn babies.

Great Idea turns out Not So Great

  • Unfortunately, there is no evidence that just listening to music has any effect.
  • Playing in instrument influences the brain structure, particularly before the age of seven.
  • Piano playing seems to help develop children’s spatial-temporal intelligence.
  • A piano has a spatial layout and music is arranged over time.

Music Lessons

Monitoring techniques have made it possible to see what happens inside a child’s head when she practice and instruments.

  • Music lessons can have a profound and lasting effect on a child’s ability to learn.
  • Instrumental music training can help the brain to process sounds better, and your child can concentrate easier and stay focused.
  • Children learn to hold several things at once in working memory, and the training in pitch and timing can help with language learning.

Music Making

But the real joy is of course from music making. Play Mozart if you enjoy it and help your child to develop a love for different kinds of music. And make sure that instrumental music lessons become available to all children.

Photo: Little Girl Singing In Headphones by Michal Marcol

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