The Babbling Journey – Milestones

0-3 months
  • Listen carefully and you can hear the first coo, gurgle, grunt, click, stop and pops.
3-6 months
  • Exploring the vocal tract capabilities.  
  • Long vowels, squeals, yells, growls, trills, and friction noises.
  • Raspberry or click sounds, you  might hear consonants like “m-m-m-m” or “b-b-b-b”.
6-10 months
  • Enjoys vocal play and experiments with a range of sounds.
  • Canonical babbling stage – identical,  repetitive sequences of consonants and vowels e.g. “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma”.
  • Sequences of different consonants and vowels “ka-e-im-doy-doy”.
10-12 months
  • Variations in the babbling “neh-nee, da-dee and meh-neh” marks the end of the babbling.
  •  The first one-syllable words may appear.  
  • The babbling often has the tone and rhythm of human speech.

Please Remember: Speech milestones are approximations, and there is a wide range of normal behaviour. Babbling starts with little cooing and gurgling sound usually during the third or fourth month, though some babies may not start until eight months or later. If your baby has not started to babble, produce any sounds, or attempt to communicate around their first birthday, discuss it with a specialist.

Photo: Baby Sitting And Smile by photostock

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