Playing with Cards

Inspiration Cards

These ideas can be used with younger children to tell a story or as an inspiration for writing a story.

  • Make up card and arrange them in different piles.
  • Make one pile with  cards where you write a theme.
  • The second pile with  where or when words.
  • In the third  pile you put words that describes who.

Draw three cards from the pile – one red, blue and green – and there you have the setting for a story.

It might look something like this when you  turn the cards over.

Red Pile                      Blue Pile                  Green Pile

Eating                           In the bath                 Me

Space                           Pillow                         Teacher

Dinosaur                      On the train               Grandma

Shopping                     Midnight                     Bird

Openings for a Story

You can also use card to write Openings for a story

When you tell a story you want to catch the listeners/readers attention.

One way is to start in the middle of a Dialogue:

“Help” shouted the monster.

You can make up three sets of cards:

  • Setting,
  • Character,
  • Exclamation.

Red Pile                     Blue Pile                   Green Pile

Beach                           Caterpillar                  Help! 

Snow-pile                    Monster                      An Ant!

Window                      Grandpa                     Ouch!

Birthday                      Elephant                     Surprise!

By using these cards you can invent a story together with your child. Or your child can write her own story.

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