Agreements and Explorations

Agreement and disagreement are opposites. We agree to spend time feeding the duck on the way home, or we disagree and walk past the ducks.

It is often difficult to agree. And it is even more difficult to agree with a young child. Often we have no clear idea what a young child wants, and a child’s “limited” verbal vocabulary makes it even more difficult.

  • Some parents, makes it easy and they agree with whatever a child wants or says.
  • A quick solution where not much exchange of ideas or views are made.
  • Another way is to disagree and to tell the child to do something in a different way.
  • You can say something like, “No, I do not agree giving the ducks your sandwich is a good idea”.
  • This way of answering a child is often taken as the end of the discussion.

But the opposite to agree could also be that we explore. Rather that quickly agreeing or disagreeing, it can be interesting to explore the suggestion or idea. The Aha! feeling! You can encourage your child to discuss when you are going to feed the ducks, and what we are going to give the ducks.

  • This way of looking upon decision teaches your child to avoid getting into arguments and help him to learn that it is more fruitful to explore the subject.

Everything a child does has a consequence and giving the ducks an ice cream may make the duck sick.

  • A child needs to learn to discover and explore short-term consequences as well as long-term consequences of their actions.
  • It takes time to learn to explore the consequences of your actions, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to learn and discover more about your child and his ideas and views about the world.
  • Opening your heart and your mind to your child’s views and ideas is an opportunity to grow as a parent and human being. An opportunity not to be missed.

Photo: Blowing Bubbles by chrisroll

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