Baby Climbing


A baby quickly loses interest if she cannot perform a task. But it is difficult to decide whether a baby does not feel like doing something or simply cannot do it. Motivation is difficult to study in babies.

Around the time, a baby learns to stand she also learns to climb. There is no doubt that climbing is an activity that motivates some babies and toddlers.

Maybe the attraction is the feeling of being able to co-ordinate their body. Maybe the attraction is to conquer new unexplored territories.


  • Climbing involves the co-ordination of legs.
  • A child uses her arms to pull the body up.
  • A  child needs to learn to shift the body weight.
  • Some babies surprise their parents by climbing out of their crib before their first birthday.
  • Whatever it is that motivates a baby to persist in her attempts to climb out of her crib, the motivation is strong.

Real Challenges 

Many children wait a bit longer before the real climbing starts. Coffee tables, kitchen tables, and chairs are popular. Some children drag chairs to explore kitchen cupboards.

Admittedly, exploring the world from the top of a piece of furniture is interesting. It is easy to forget that a cupboard can be a perfectly normal place to spend time!

Face Risks

Climbing is a way to explore things but it is also a way to challenge yourself.

  • A toddler learns to face risks and by creating conditions that supports your child you motivate her to change her fear into something positive.
  • Try to be calm – a child who sees her parents nervous may make lose concentration.

There are safe ways to encourage your child to climb. Climbing up stairs together can be fun and you can support your child.

 A baby climbing up the stairs – YouTube video from Montessori.

Please remember that it is perfectly normal for a child to climb. Make sure that your home is safe.

It is also important to remember that when you leave home, your child can start climbing when you are not watching, for example, when you are shopping.

Allowing your baby and toddler to explore the world while making sure that they are safe is a balancing act. Removing as many dangers from a child’s perspective as you can and supervise.

Photo: Baby by Salvatore Vuono

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