Sensory Smart Child – Auditory

Words and Sounds

The conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim says that sound itself is more privileged than words. Music is more ambivalent than words and the world of associations is wider and richer.

A baby develops her ear early, and at twenty weeks, the ears resemble an adult’s in shape and size. The hearing is fully developed at about 24 weeks. A baby lives in a world filled with sounds of heartbeat, and blood circulating. Yet, after birth, the ear is often neglected and often the attention is focused on vision.

Sensory Stimulation

Just like a child needs food and love, the need for sensory stimulation must also be met. Patricia Wilbarger, clinical psychologist, introduced the term “sensory diet”.

She says that children need to be involved in stabilising focusing activities that involves all their senses – touch, sight, sound, movement, body awareness, taste, and smell.

  •  Stimulating a child’s auditory input is important for their overall development.
  • Activities that stimulate every sense need to be part of a child’s daily activities.

Switch Off the Light

Raising a child that is aware of her senses can be done by including little activities that encourages your child to listen.

Go outside, sit still, and listen to the rain, snow, or birds. Try to identify what direction sounds are coming from. Listening to natural music is a calming and relaxing way to connect with your child. Many children like to fall to sleep to the sounds to ocean waves, or instrumentation with flutes etc.

Listening games where you identify sounds such as a door shutting. Guessing who made the noise or sounds as well as from where the sound came from is even more fun if you close your eyes or switch off the light.

Photo: Children Playing by Vlado

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