Importance of Interactions

Parenting Tool
An important tool that parent can work with to promote learning is parent interaction. Babies thieve on interaction and this help to motivate them to flex and use their brain in new ways. 
A child that is left alone with a puzzle or paint box has less incentive to solve the puzzle. The interaction with parents encourages a child to solve new things. Talking and engaging with your child is more beneficial than using educational television, apps, or computer programmes.
Pets Stimulate Curiosity
Interaction with animals can also provide children with learning experiences that promotes growth and development. Pets have feeling and children learn to interpret animals’ emotions and expressions. 
Spending time with a pet is a different experience than engaging with toys.  Pets help children learn how to understand and interpret feelings and to explore the world from a different perspective. Interaction with pets stimulates curiosity and promotes the development of empathy. Children may ponder over what animals are thinking or feeling and this curiosity may help children to interpret and care about human’s feelings.
If you do not have any pets, spend time outdoor watching and studying animals interact in nature can also teach children valuable thing of animals’’ feeling.
Photo: Baby Holding The Shopping Bag by photostock

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