Intelligence, Sight and Sounds

Patterns are interesting! They may not tell us about the relationships between factors, or the truth, yet, they point us to a certain direction. The same can be said about intelligence tests, which in one sense only measure the factors that are included in the test. Still there is a pattern and it is what you use the pattern for and how you interpret the pattern that is the main thing. Not the score in itself. Having said all this, it is interesting that the children, who scored highest on intelligence test, were the children who were best at combining sight and souns.
This results, suggests that an approach to children that combine their senses may promote their development. Knowledge and understanding about our different sense are often ignored and the focus is on seeing. Input from senses can be mix and according to research for about a tenth of a second, a stimulus from one sense can affect the others. If there is something wrong with the sound on a TV programme, you will notice the sound lag when you are watching it. Our brain is balancing the sound and sight to help us understand the message. 

But other senses are also mingled in our brain. If a child touches something, it can influence what she sees.We believe that our senses interpret the world in a correct way. Yet, the brain moulds our input from our sense and mingles it with expectation, and our dream and imagination.  A child taste what she imagines that she will taste and this explains why she will not taste the same thing as you. 

The pressure on the ground influences how you see the shape of your body. Try playing with your child by mixing different ways of walking. Compare how it makes you feel when you walk with heavy step as compared to flutter around like butterfly.

Photo: Girl Hiding Behind Gift Box by Stuart Miles


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