Book Reviews – Babies and Toddlers

“Utterly Lovely One” by Mary Murphy

Many of Mary Murphy’s books are delightful treats about parental Love. Glorious illustrations capture the outpouring of love. In this book the crane sings a touching song to the little cranlet that captures the attention of friends who decide to join in.

This book is oozing with tender emotions. Oh my yummy one, my utterly lovely one! Look at you, so gorgeous!” A perfect way to help you find exactly the words you may be looking for to express your love.

“Oh No, George!” by Chris Haughton

A baby’s world is often filled with lots of No so she will recognise the constant “Oh No, George !” in this exciting book filled with bold art and brave colours. It is difficult it is to be good all the time. George, the dog, tries but somehow he does not quite get it right. 

And who can resist a chocolate cake just waiting to be eaten. . . or cat just teasing you a little bit and waiting for you to chase him. A hilarious book that will give you hours of laughter. 

“I Kissed the Baby!” by Mary Murphy
A favourite! Exclamatory words that are a joy to play around with. Lots of emotions pours out of this simple story by the clever use of graphic art. Creative splashes of green, pink, orange and orange mixed with black and white drawings.
In this simple story, the joy of a newborn baby spreads around the barnyard. The animals ask one another if they have seen the baby. Tickled the baby? And of course, kissed the baby?  In the end, everyone wants to kiss the baby – and of course their own baby.

Whisper or shout! “Pfffwah! “Quackie! Quackie! Quackie!” and start with some welcoming kissing to celebrate your new arrival. 

Photo: Smiling Baby by kai4107

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