Children, Monsters and Drawings

My daughter loved books about dragons and monsters! We used to giggle hysterically while we searched the bedroom for mysterious creatures. Monsters drawings are popular and to be honest many drawings that young children make could easily be mistaken for drawings of monsters rather than of human beings. 
Are children deliberately making drawings of monsters? If you visit the website for the Monster Engine you may find some answers to your question.
The project the Monster Engine is a journey into the world of monsters on children’s terms. The artist Dave Devries got a brilliant idea when day when he was thinking about children, monster, and drawings. 
What would a child’s monster drawing look like if he tried to paint it realistically?
The book the Monster Engine contains drawings, photos, and paintings of monsters. There are also interviews with children where they explain their drawings of monster. A stunning and intriguing journey into art and children’s minds.
And of course, brilliant ideas can be built upon. Why not make your own project with your child.  Make your version of his drawing and talk about your drawings. Make it into a little booklet or why not a monster poster. Or a poster of trolls and dragons? Fairies and butterflies. . .


Photo: Adorable Girl Drawing Her Family by Phaitoon

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