Children, Creativity and Science

Creativity is often linked to art and music but it plays a vital part in sport, social studies, and science.

How do you explain a flame so that a child can understand it? The actor Alan Alda asked his science teacher and the only answer he got was “It’s oxidation”, he thought that there must be a better and more creative way to explain what a flame is. In this video, we can see the winning entry to a science competition – explaining science to an 11- year-old.  Flames have never been more exciting and creatively explained.

To promote the development of a curious attitude, we can create a play environment where we accept children’s ideas and encourage their efforts. Actively avoiding words like mistakes or failures is an approach that helps to create a positive atmosphere. Words such as nearlings and presuccess can be used instead. Explore ideas and improve upon ideas, instead of making negative remarks.

Photo: “Hand Fire” by Salvatore Vuono

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