Brainy Toys

Buying gifts and presents for a child is great fun, but finding a toy that is open-ended and encourages imagination is not always that easy.

A good toy should be open for interpretation and inspire a child to invent her own games. The company Active People has a great range of toys that has won several awards for their innovative designs. Their toys can grow with a child and be used for years and some of their toys can be used both for indoor and outdoor play.

Bilbo is a shell that can be used both indoors, in the water, or in the sandpit. It can even be used to play with in the snow. Your child will surprise you with the many uses she can find for this plastic shell. The smaller version can be used as a racing beetle, a floating boat in the bath tub, or as a cup for snow ball.


Inventing your own game is a great way to stimulate creativity and Bilibo Pixel is a set of 36 chips that can be used to discover and design new games. You can insert the chip to create a colourful dice and it is possible to hide treasures or messages in the cavities behind the chips. The chaps can be flicked or you can make them jump like tiddlywinks.

Water toys are popular and Pluï is a ball that a child can fill with water. He can control the flow of water by using his finger to seal or open the top nozzle.

Xa-Xa is pronounced ksa-ksa and these smart balls add both rhythm and sound to the game. Theses balls are versatile and the elastic outer ball can be changed. The inner ball can be filled with objects to change their sound or weight. You can mix or match colours to get the look you like! A wonderful toy that stretches children’s imagination.

Photo: “Kid With Teddy Bear” by Stuart Miles

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