Mind Mapping and Memory


Good memory may be a great thing but perfect memory can lead to all sorts of problems. Many scientists believe t the problem is not that we forget things but that we have problem with recalling things. We need to find a good memory technique to help us recall things.

Teaching your child to involve the senses is a great memory technique. The senses are

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch

In addition, we also have awareness of balance, pressure, temperature pain, and motion all of which may involve the coordinated use of multiple sensory organs. Kinesthesia is the awareness of muscle and joint movements.

Using a mind map your child can learn to picture the words on the page. The colour of the branch and the thickness of the branch help a child to visualise a word. You can use pictures in the mind map and these can help your child to create powerful visual images that helps to attach the facts to his memory. He could picture the yellow sun, the colour of the planets, and the way the moons rotate around the plants.  He can write the names of the planets in different colours. The sound of a rocket being launched into space, or landing on the red rocks on Mars, or the blue-green surface of the gas planet Neptune.

Jupiter’s clouds really stink and moon dust smells like gunpowder. During the day, the surface of Mercury is very hot but if you touch a stone during the night, it is much colder. In the mind map, you can also add branches to help your child remember that the gravity is different on different planets. On the Moon, the gravity is weaker and you would weigh less.  This is why it would be difficult to walk on the Moon. While the gravity on Jupiter is 2.5 more than on Earth and is you would try to walk her it would be very heavy steps.

Your child can use pictures and colours to help increase the recall of information and facts. Adding ideas linked to different senses transform the mind map into personal memories linked to the whole body. It is also a creative exercise where imagination and storytelling skills are used to remember things.


Photo “Happy Girl Brushing Her Hair” by Stuart Miles

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