Book Review: Book Love: Help Your Child Grow From Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader

Too Boring! Too Sitty!

Children may be reluctant to read for lots of reasons. Some children think that books simply are boring, while others are movers who strongly dislike sitting still. Melissa Taylor’s book Book Love: Help Your Child Grow From Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader provides creative and insightful tips on how you can learn about underlying reasons why your child may not be a Book Lover.

Melissa is an informed writer and the book is a pleasure to read. The insights into the mystery of reading are behind her suggestions, yet you do not notice her extensive theoretical knowledge.  Everyone can be inspired by the ideas in this book – parents as well as educators. And more importantly, everyone can use her ideas. Links to materials that can transform reading into a pleasure is mixed with brilliant tips about how to turn a child into an enthusiastic reader. Bright and colourful designs for bookmarks and sight words to help bring you back to the basics of reading.

I love Melissa’s approach to encouraging children by breaking “unwritten rules” about reading materials. She has wonderful  ideas for turning reading into a fun and engaging activity by changing how and where we read books. But enthusiasm and great ideas cannot turn all children into readers – some children have problems with learning to read despite encouragement and support. This book offers good advice for when you need to seek specialist help.

The book has a carefully selected list of books that kids will love, making it a good resource for parents and educators to dive into and explore. The books are categorized under different obsessions, which are linked to a chapter about finding out why a child may think that reading books is boring. Finding out your kid’s obsessions will give you valuable insight into ways to help a child get excited about reading.

Melissa says:

“This book will help you do that for the unique and beautiful puzzle that is your child. It will encourage you to think, search, and try out different ideas. As you do, you’ll come ever closer to finding the right combination of ways to help your child develop a better relationship with books and reading. By the end of this book, you and your child will know each other better—and you’ll have the joy of watching him go from hating reading to loving it.”

Parenting and teaching is a journey. Use this book as a searchlight to make the most of this exciting journey. I am happy for all the kids, parents, and educators who can explore the magic of reading by diving into this creative imaginative soup of ideas.

Visit  Melissa’s inspirational blog “Imagination Soup”!

Photo: “Young Child Standing On Books” by Stuart Miles

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