Make Something That Does Something

Engineering is fun, exciting and a great way to exercise your creative muscles!

littleBits are electronic modules, which you connect to each other. The magnets are colour coded and the neon-coloured Bits range from USB power sources to solar panels to sound sensors. An exciting way to introduce kids to engineering.

The company encourages kids to be creative and make things. There is a dreamBits  where kids can post their ideas. Ideas and dreams such as a light up bed or flying shark bit. There are challenges such as What are you Making the Holidays?

Roominate is a doll’s house where girls can connect up circuits and other interactive elements to turn  this classic dollhouse into a modern house.  GoldieBlox is a toy that is designed to get more girls interested in engineering. It comes with storybooks, which helps to provide a context for “why” a machine should be build rather than how to build it.

Photo: “Kid Slipping Down Slide” by imagerymajestic