Mind Mapping and Brain Boosters

Mind maps are not only a wonderful tool to help children to write stories, memories and structure information. The visual tool can also be used to engage children in imaginative thinking.  A think dive into unknown territories. A real brain work out!

Imagining utopia is a creative thinking technique that helps children to be innovative. It uses  backward thinking as a strategy. By exploring an ideal world, utopia, which may be beyond reach, a child explores the concept: “Would it not fantastic, if …”


Making a mind map of their own imaginative dream country, or favourite new sport is a way to look at rules in the real world and making decisions about when to break the rules. Transforming your own language and making up your own, help a child to explore how we communicate and what happens if you do thing like skip every second syllable. Will my friends understand me? How can I make sure that we still understand each other
Backward thinking is a valuable strategy that helps a child visualise a solution to a problem> It is sometimes easier to solve a problem by visualising the result and then working backwards from the solution.  Playing around and exploring this approach to thinking by using mind maps is fun and engaging.
Go here read more about Brain Boosting activities using Mind Maps.

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Photo: “Playful Children” by imagerymajestic and Tony Buzan blog

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