Philosophical Questions and Children – Who Owns the Sky?

I love this new TV series for children that challenges their thinking! Each film contains an animated parable, that can be used in the classroom or at home to engage in philosophical puzzlement. Everyday questions and pondering are explored and each film consist of a variety of different children’s responses to the questions.

A perfect starting point for some Think Diving  where you can use critical or lateral strategies to examine the questions.

  • Am I Always Responsible for my Actions?
  • What is Fair?
  • Why Should I be Good?
  • Why Owns the Sky?
  • What Makes Me, Me?

link to the Series. Please note that in some countries, due to copyright, the previews cannot be seen.  But you can read more about the programme and perhaps get some inspiration.

 Why should I be good? A boy finds a ring of invisibility and must decide what to do with it


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