The Future of Story Telling

Stories will never die, but the ways we tell them are changing. How will we tell stories and create stories as technology changes and evolves?

Storytelling predates writing, with the earliest stories being told around the campfire. Gestures and expressions where used to bring the oral stories to live.

In the video below Paul Zak, shares his thoughts and insights on the power of storytelling. A powerful, emotional story is used to reveal the complex way our brain works. The right story can have a huge impact on our actions.

What you do feel when you watch the video?

The message in the video challenges us to rethink the way we design learning environments for children. Skills and knowledge are often the focus and the key aspects of the children’s experiences. By shifting the focus, we may create a more engaging environment where people and nature is at the core. Children may tell stories about what matters to them.

Go here to read an article about Paul Zak’s research about oxytocin.

The video below  is about the future of storytelling. Enjoy!


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