Summer Reading

Why not spend this summer reading books together. Reading aloud to older children – who can comfortably read to themselves – has several benefits. Firstly, a child’s reading level is below their level of listening, which means that children can understand books that are too difficult for them to decode themselves.

The second reason to read aloud is that you model reading. Children who have been read to are often more motivated and interested in reading. As a parent, you show that there are wonderful, exciting, and scary stories that they can read a bit later if they stick with practising their reading.

But most of all, reading together is a way of being together and to experience different worlds. When you read together, you usually sit right next to each other, you pass the book back and forth, and you explore pictures and discuss ideas. Sharing words, ideas and different worlds together give you a strong glue and bond. Below are some new books that are used to show ways that different types of books can be used to read aloud. Reading fiction as well as non-fiction is a great way to plant a love for reading.

Judith Kerr’s Creatures A Celebration of the Life and Work of Judith Kerr by Judith Kerr

Maybe you have read the picture book The Tiger Who Came to Tea when your child was younger. This is a perfect book to remember and browse in that lovely story again. It is also a great way to raise interest in reading some of Judith’s books for older children. The story behind the classic book When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is told in this autobiography told in Judith Kerr’s own words and pictures. Filled with reproductions of her earliest drawings and paintings show how she creates her masterpieces like Mog, the Forgetful Cat. This book inspires you to explore Judith’s early attempts at drawing and writing and it might tempt you to make some artwork together.


Sylvie and Star by Julia Green

Finding stories about things that interests your child is a great way to spend some quality time together. This story about a girl and her love for a puppy is the perfect choice for an animal lover. The longing for taking care of a puppy is a subject that may lead to interesting discussions. Sylvie is staying on her grandparents’ farm in Italy, where their dog Bella is expecting puppies. Of course, Sylvie hopes her parents might let her keep one.  It is easy to fall in love with this pale silver-grey puppy with a dark star on its head. And it turns out that this puppy is very special – something that no one was really expecting. Black and white drawings make this story come alive and drawings are great way to encourage children to read a book.

The Bumper Book of Nature by Stephen Moss

Summer is about spending time outdoor and turning the reading into actions and going for a walk around the park to study caterpillars is a great way to spark an interest in reading. Wildlife is all around – we just need to take time to look. It does not matter is you are in a city or the country. This book will tempt you to go pishing for birds, becoming a bat detective, or taking a city safari. There are tips to make a nettle soup and elderflower fritters. Hours of entertainment and reading.

Go here for more tips about exploring nature.

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