Think Dive into the World of Monsters

The idea of monsters has never scared my daughter. Giggling noises can be heard as she searches for monsters under the bed, in the cupboard,  in the bookshelves and . . .

A Think Dive into the world of monsters will amuse any child who is not scared of monsters (go here to read some tips to help a child overcome their anxiety for monsters).

There are many books about cute, silly, and funny monsters but also about ways of overcoming your fear. For example, the rhyming book Monster Mess by Margery Cuyler,  the book Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley, where a scary monster is created page by page, or My Monster Mama Love Me So by Laura Leuck, which is filled with imaginative illustrations by Mark Buehner to inspire children to search for spiders, bats and owls.

But if you want to create your own monster, what things are nice to ponder over?  Where can you get some inspiration from? What do you need to think about to create your kind of monster?

Creating a monster:

Where can we search for inspiration and ideas?

  • Books
  • Search internet for pictures
  • Films
  • Posters

Funny creatures in the sea or close-up of insects may offer some inspiration. Here is a link to board on Pinterest with some pictures of creatures from the deep sea and close-ups of insects.

What is interesting about the monster? Does it have any special skills?

  • Is it friendly?
  • Does it scare dogs?
  • Does it live somewhere interesting?
  • What does the monster love more than anything else in the world?

What does the monster look like?

  • What body shape does it have?
  • How many feet, legs, arms, and toes does it have?
  • How many eyes, ears, and mouths?
  • What colour is it?
  • Does it have stripes, spots or is it furry?

Why does the monster need to look like this?

  • What are the benefits of having five ears?
  • What is the problem with being a bright pink monster?

What material can be used to create the monster?

  • Shall we make a puppet?
  • Or use Paint, Cardboard, Scrap paper, Fabric, Rocks. . . (go here for more ideas).


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