Battle Bunny – Book Review

Jon Scieszka’s writes the most intriguing and rebellious books that appeal to kids as well as adults. Huge Fan! After the unreliable narrator in The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, the deconstructed The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, and the brain-bending Robot Zot!. here comes two stories at the same time.This time he the book is written together with Mac Barnett.

Battle Bunny may be tricky to read aloud, two stories at the same time,  instead this is a book that becomes more interesting the more you explore the text and the pictures. The book was originally titled Birthday Bunny but someone has erased and scribbled on the title. So instead of a sweet Bunny tale, this is a completely different story.

The inscription on the inside front cover tells us that someone named Alex has received the book from his grandma for his birthday. But Alex does not like the story and he decides to make up his own story. He crosses out text, adds new words and pictures – transforming the story and turning it into a battle.

A bunny believes all his friends have forgotten his birthday, but in the end the bunny is given a surprise party. That sweet looking birthday bunny is really a battle bunny. You know the kind of bunny  who eats carrot juice brain juice and Carrot Crispies greasy guts for breakfast. And he has an Evil Plan. . .




The rabbit’s innocent journey through the forest is transformed into a secret mission to unleash an evil plan. Alex is the only one who can stop the plan.

The authors are  planning to make a copy online  that kids can print out. This gives everyone the chance to  rework the story. You can of course use this idea with your own books. Take a picture and make a photo copy of it. Glue the pages into a little notebook and start rewriting and adding artworks.

Take out your pencils, sharpen your creativity, and start transforming  the story!


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