How to Think with Your Heart

“Who cares if I pick up the rubbish on the floor? It does not mean anything!”

The heart symbol consists, at least in most versions, of two equal halves. Many myths and legends are linked to the heart shape. A child with a Big Heart is said to be kind, caring, gracious, generous, warm, considerate. . . Yet there are also some less positive words linked to the person – illogical, too fast thinker, makes rush decisions.

It seems the two halves of the heart symbol are separated and they run off in different directions instead of working together. On one side, there are emotions and on the other, there is thinking. Separating things and ideas into two different boxes, makes life easier. But it is not always a good reflection of real life. In real life, the heart and the brain are connected.

Studies at the HeartMath Institute have found that when humans touch or engage in a close conversation, the heartbeat signals are registered in the other person’s brainwaves. Our heart communicates with the brain in ways that influence and affect how we perceive and act in the world. The Heart Brain.

The foundation of western thinking has been laid by men, and the logical and critical aspects of thinking have been stressed. Emotions and intuition has been regarded as something that is not desirable. But the problem is rather than we are not aware of when we use different ways to explain our ideas and actions. A child who uses both halves of the heart allows love, kindness and logic be the guiding light. This seems to be a great approach to embrace problems and also to search for new ideas. Creative thinking uses the whole heart.

There are millions of acts of kindness we can do daily – none has to cost money or be complicated. Why not make a list using the Heart Brain symbol as inspiration. Think Dive and search for ways that your child can do some random acts of kindness that are fun and help to create some great memories.

Spread some kindness in your street by giving away a Random Act of Kindness. Or write some Love Letters and hide in your neighbourhood.

Some links to Spark your Heart Brain.

 Kid World Citizen published a list of 35 service projects for kids.  Check it out here.

 Inner Child Giving shares 50 ways kids can make a difference.

All Done Monkey features acts of kindness done by families

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