The Museum by Susan Verde


“When I see a work of art something happens in my heart!”
Get ready for a magical twirl and swirl into the museum we all have inside.
The Museum is written by  Susan Verde who believes that we all have a museum inside. In this charming book we meet a girl who is embracing the art in the museum with her entire body. A real dive into art – art is after all best experienced with deep thinking and feelings.

The book is a think dive into feelings. The girl feels giddy and silly, sad and frightened, and of course over the moon elated.

Art makes us feel but art also challenges our views. Art draws us into world that may scare or puzzle us. The little girl dances through the galleries and sometimes stops to ponder over something that captures her attention. Sometimes a painting makes her fly away on imaginary trips where anything can happen.

The charming simply rhythm book The Museum has been illustrated with delicate ink drawings made by Peter H Reynolds. There is a balletic feeling to the drawings and all the characters in the book are barefoot. The barefooted graceful characters add a feeling of freedom to the book. Freedom to dance through a museum and freedom to express yourself.

This book encourages every child to find ways to tell the world what she is dreaming and thinking. Inspire your child to make a painting, write a song, a letter with a handmade envelope, make up a story, a dance. . .  decorate a cake. . .

But the best bit is saved to last –  I love the book but I am thrilled about the free educators’ guide that you can download. A little gem packed filled with tips and inspiration to make the visit to the art museum even more exciting. Go here to download the guide.

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