Nature Mind Mapping

Nature is filled with Mind Maps!

If you look around you will find lots of shapes and material in nature  that can be used to create mind maps. Mind maps can be formed from lots of different shapes to help a child remember information,  create stories, and get an overview of a topic.

But mind mapping is also a way to escape from the constraints of thinking in a special way. A child has the freedom to explore new branches, examine new ideas, and search for new ways of solving a problem. Mind mapping can be used as a creative tool and what better place to search for inspiration than in nature. Bio-mimicry is a way to look for ideas to inventions by imitating nature.

  • Start by talking about where you can find natural mind maps in nature – leaves, trees, fire work, blood vessels, brain cells (a natural mind map has starting point, there are branches and sub-branches that radiate from this starting point).
  • Decide a topic for the mind map.
  • Go for a nature mind map hunt using your camera.
  • Use the photos to make mind maps, let your child write and draw on the natural branches this can be done on the compute, or you can print out the photo and use a marker or pencil.
  • You can also use a sketch pad and draw a leaf and create a mind map.

Visit the blog Draw Me and Idea for some more ideas about Mind Mapping.



Book Tips 

Brain Child: How Smart Parents Make Smart Kids by Tony Buzan

Mind Maps for Kids: Study Skills by Tony Buzan

mind map

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Photo: Draw me an idea

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