Dyslexia Friendly Books

Children who for various reasons have trouble with their reading, writing, or spelling may need some help to find interesting and challenging books. There are many wonderful stories that are suitable for older children suffering from dyslexia. Yet there are few books  that have been specifically designed to help, support and inspire younger children.

Screening tests have been designed to assess children. This is not a diagnose and it is not 100 per cent accurate. Instead the test gives an indication of possible difficulties.The symptoms of dyslexia can vary from child to child. Every child has her own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, assessing a young child is difficult. The books below tell wonderful stories that may capture all children’s attention, they describe some of the problems that may face a child who is having problems with reading and writing. But most of all they show that all children have strengths and that it is important to dream something big.

My Dog Nick and Rats and Cats by Corinna Shepherd

This book is suitable for young child and it makes the world of imagination and words accessible to children with learning difficulties. A creative approach where words and fun illustrations are used to inspire children to dive into a world of words by reading and writing.


Tom’s Special Talent by Kate Gaynor

Everyone has special talents and to his delight Tom, who sees all his friends read and write, discovers his own special gift when he wins a school competition. School is often a daunting place where daily activities are scary for a child having problems with reading and writing. A great book to encourage children to be mindful of differences. All children learn differently and at different rates.

Special Stories Publishing in conjunction with the Dyslexia Association are delighted to make Toms Special Talent a children’s resource picture book dealing with dyslexia availble to you.Children with Dyslexia or a learning difficulty often find school a daunting and sometimes terrifying daily task. In an environment where certain skills, like writing and reading, are praised and highlighted more than others, it is important for kids to recognise that everyone has a ‘special talent’ of their own. It encourages other kids to be mindful of the differences that exist between their friends and classmates and to be aware that all children, regardless of their talents, learn differently. See more information below. – See more at: http://www.specialstories.net/dyslexia/#sthash.FjlT15c7.dpuf

Knees: The mixed up world of a boy with dyslexia by Vanita Oelschlager

The ups ad downs of dyslexia is described in this cleverly designed book. Special typeface, Lexia Readable, was used to made the book more visually appealing for children with reading problems. This book is designed in the style and size of a chapter book – making it seems like an older child is reading a chapter book.

This book shows that even if a person is a bit different, you still have lots of things in common.You might even have so much in common that you become friends. And just because you have problems with reading, like the boy Louis in the story, you can still be great at other things.

Fox Friend by Michael Morpurgo

Michel Morpurgo writes the most dramatic and touching animal stories. This is a great book for children with problems with reading, since it is a bit shorter than most other of his animal stories. Clare finds an abandoned fox and she decides to care for it all by herself. But it is tricky to keep such a big wonderful secret, especially from your dad who does not like foxes. This book is about how hard life is and also how wonderful it is. A great resource about ways to use this book in the classroom can be downloaded from Barrington Stoke, which has a great selection of book for children suffering from dyslexia.

Dream Something Big by Dianna Hutts Aston

Dreaming and imagination are vital in every child’s life. This book tells the story about Simon Rodia, who was a poor Italian immigrant who reversed letters (a common symptom of problems with reading). Simon created the most beautiful tower from bits of tiles, and shard of pottery that he found in trash piles, seashells and rocks collected from the beaches, and cement. Everyone called him crazy and he built his towers while muttering and singing to himself.

It took Simon thirty-four years to finish his dream – Nuestro Pueblo, out town . A castle with 30 meters high towers, the ship of Marco Polo, a glittering cactus garden made of broken green glass. The story of perseverance and possibilities is told through the years a fictional little girl.There is a great PDF file that you can download from Imagination Soup, which describes how you can create your own Tower.


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