Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Cardboard Castles


Are you dreaming about spires and towers? Designing your own castle, doll house, submarine or rocket house is an ideal way to put the architect inside you into use.

Architects are often restricted to spending the day tinkering with small models. Model-making is a core-skill that any budding architect needs to practice. To raise money for charity, architects were asked to design some doll houses. These stunning designs may provide you with some inspiration to build your own special doll house. Go here to read more about the project.




I LOVE the idea of making a house for someone special – like a robot, alien, giant, fairy, hedgehog. . . A little imagination, cardboard, chalkboard paint, a touch sketching and voilà – a new stunning toy where your child can spend hours exploring different worlds. . .

chalk house 2

chalk house 13

You will find instructions on how to make the cardboard castle here. The blog Mer Mag  is brimming with wonderful ideas. A visit is warmly recommended.

Go here to read more about how to make a chalk doll house. Hey Day Living is a blog where you you will find lots of inspiration for projects that you can make with your child.

Happy Building and Creating!

Photo: Mer Mag  A dolls’ house

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