“I am an Artist” and “Little Smudge”

I Am an Artist by Marta Altés

Art is EVERYWHERE! The truly inspirational message in this book  inspires everyone to fill their everyday activities with creating something beautiful. A funny and anarchic  book about a little boy who loves making art. He loves creating art so much that he cannot stop. The boy gives himself a Dali-esque moustache with Mum’s eyeliner and announces ‘I am an artist’.

He paints all over the walls, arranges flowers, and the food on the plates. His socks, and even his cat gets a new coat of paint! But not everyone appreciates this little boy’s effort. His mum seems a little cross. So he decides to put a big smile on her face by making a very grand paining while she is asleep. “The Ode to Mum” oozes a little nastiness, which children love.

I Am an Artist is silly but like all brilliant picture books, it is filled with insights. A great book for exploring shape, colours and textures and looking at the world through the eyes of an artist. And of course that vital component that every artist needs – unconditional love.

Little Smudge by Lionel Le Néouanic

French artist Lionel Le Néouanic  limited use of  imagery, words,  colours, and smudge creates a fascinating story. Each spread has the perfect amount of colour, shape to tempt your imagination. Little Smudge paints wonderful lessons of courage, friendship and triumph. Sharing your true self and not feeling inadequate because you look and are a bit different.

Mummy Smudge asks why Little Smudge is all alone in the corner. Why cannot Little Smudge find some friends? Little Smudge is searching everywhere for a friend. Then he sees seem friends – colourful friends with distinct  shapes. Like Little Square, Little Circle and Little Triangle. But they do not want to play with Little Smudge who decides to show them what he can form. . .

Things falls out of the edges on the page. The words interact with the colours and shapes. I love the little tears and the black smudge. Bold, bright and surprising images transports you into a world ranging from abstract to cubist. Perfect with its less-is-more approach to  introduce modern art and Matisse.


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