Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Invitation to Draw


Invitation to Draw!

Colouring books come in many different styles, themes, and sizes. Some are simple while other are elaborated and complicated. Colouring in pages that someone else created may increase attention and promote the development of fine motor skills. Trying to stay within the lines is not easy and requires coordination.

But it is easy to make a stunning invitation to draw. An invitation that sparks creativity and challenges a child to dream and imagine while they explore colours, shapes, and textures.

invitation to draw

You need a sketchpad and stickers, photos or pictures. Simply place a couple of pictures or stickers on each page and let your child’s imagination complete the pages. You can glue in half pictures and let you child finish the other half of the animal, flower, or house.

You can make a little scene, like a forest or jungle, and with a touch of imagination and the help of crayons or coloured pencils your child may add trees, animals, ghosts, fairies. . . You can use pictures and stickers that does not not belong in the same scene to make it more fun and challenging.

You can also turn this idea into a little gift.

  • Choose a theme and give each painting a name. A great gift for Grandparents, aunties and uncles.
  • Let your child help you fill the sketchpad with stickers and pictures that her best friend might like. A great little birthday gift or Christmas present.
  • Perfect activity on a Party. Let every child complete a painting.

The blog Mama Pea Pod is a fantastic place if you are looking for creative play ideas,

Photo Mama Pea Pod

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