November is Picture Book Month

A picture book is. . .

Inspiration, says Peter Sís

Candy for your eyes and brain, says Mercer Mayer

November seems like the perfect month to celebrate Picture Books. Dark, cold and gloomy days! Perfect excuse to cuddle up on the sofa and embark on a magical trip.

Picture Book Month started by a group of authors, storytellers, and illustrators, and the aim is  to remind us of the value of actual, paper picture books.You can watch a video from the group below – Sparking Thinkibility October Videos.

So this month I am planning to add a couple of picture book reviews. To be honest most of the reviews here are picture books and I not only love reading the stories and exploring the pictures, I use picture books just like Peter as Inspiration.

The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddle

Books where the role’s are reversed are powerful and often hilarious. A young child quickly grasp when the roles are reversed and a story where a child is taking on a Super Hungry Dinosaur perfectly fits into this categories of books. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is another.

Hal and his dog , Billy, are happily playing in the back yard. Suddenly, Th Super Hungry Dinosaurs appears and he wants to eat Hal. The quick thinking boy tells the dino that that i snot a fair choice. So the dino suggests other family members. But Hal does not think that any of them are good. Then the Super Hungry Dinosaur wants to eat Billy. But of course, Hal cannot let the dino eat his dog so he tames the dino.

The artwork, created by Leonie Lord, is childlike in form. The illustrations look like they have been made by crayons. And there is two-page spread showing the full size of the dinosaur.  Dinosaurs are awesome so taming a big one must be super. . .

Use this book to explore more things that can be reversed. Like a doctor being the patient or a bus driver being a passenger. . .  a spider being scared of a child. . .


Also by Martin Waddle and Leonie Lord
The Dirty Great Dinosaur

The Super Swooper Dinosaur

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