Doodling in Maths Class – Infinity

Inspire a Love for Maths!

Vi Hart makes the most fascinating videos about maths. An exploration of maths as art. She shows mathematical concept in creative, engaging and clever ways by using doodling, paper, balloons and bead works. She loves maths but she studied music. Her passion for maths and music can be seen in the wonderful video about the twelve days of Christmas – or the twelve tones.

Vi is like a fresh toothpaste (yes, there is a video about toothpaste)  and her mission is to inspire us. Her videos are very popular among young people, especially girls. You never see her face when she is doodling – only her hands. This makes it feel like you are they one who is actually doodling.

The book Infinity and Me is playful introduction to the concept infinity. In the video below you get some inspiration for doodling about infinity and elephants. Maybe you can transform the elephants to Xmas baubles or Father Christmas. Happy Doodling.

Sparking Thinkibility Book Tips.

Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford

Go here for a book review.

Infinity and Me

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