Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Cardboard


I found the blog The Card­board Col­lec­tive yesterday and I am in love. The blog is written Amber Dohrenwend from the suburbs of Tokyo. Creative and filled with inspiration for cardboard projects.

Cardboard is a wonderful material and a visit to the, The Card­board Col­lec­tive, will spark your imagination. There are also tips about sustainable building and living.

I have selected some photos to show what marvelous things you can create from this surprisingly versatile material.

The first photo is a great idea for a Xmas decoration that can also be sent to grandparents and friends.

  • You can write little messages on the cardboard to make it extra special.
  • Or why not a story, poem. . .

thinkdive 1

Chameleons are fascinating and this mask is stunning. What animal mask do you want to create? For some  inspiration for chameleons, lizards and frogs, go here.

thinkdive 2

I have written before about creating an inspiration board and use it for storytelling or monster projects. Go here to see a board created by The Cardboard Project to make this grasshopper costume. Cardboard fun at its very best.

I hope you fill inspired to create something with your child. And do involve them in the planning – planning and dreaming are important parts of the creative process.

think dive2

think dive1

Photo: Funny Wildlife and Worth

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