School, Reimagined (2)

The first AltSchool opened in September in San Fransisco. It is a community of micro-schools and the aim is provide the students with personalized learning. Teachers use student’s passions to create an education that focuses on the whole child – academically, socially and emotionally. The AltSchool is built upon the idea  that children are curious learners.  Providing children with Personalized Learning Plans allows them to explore and develop their interests at their own pace. The curriculum is developed in partnership with students and parents.

AltSchool’ s mission is to balance academic rigor with promoting development of socially engaged students who are  self-aware and have good  decision-making skills.

Max Ventilla’s mission to reinvent schools involves using technology in the classroom. But the focus is not on fancy computers, iPads and screens. Instead engineering staff will work with teachers to build software that is adapted to the needs and interests of each individual child at the school.

This sounds like an interesting approach and ideas like using technology to dim the light when the noise level becomes too loud in the classroom sounds great. I am not sure about the facial recognition programmes so that the teachers can see when  the students are daydreaming. Daydreaming should be part of every personalized curriculum. But maybe that is up for discussion. . .

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