Saturday Sparking Inspiration – Imaginative Play


“Turn the lights down, with music playing. Invite the kids to move about the room in time to the music. Ask them to listen to the music and imagine what kind of place the music reminds them of. They can “pretend” to be in that place. . .”

From the Drama Notebook

Imitative play or as it is sometimes called, dramatic play  and symbolic play, is a fun and engaging way to explore ideas from books, movies, and other sources. Encourage dramatic play by providing props. Children can use the most basic objects for dramatic play. So why not make a great big box filled with props and wrap it up as a Christmas gift. Visit charity shops and look for dress-up clothes. Make some puppets. . .  and put in some props like. . .

  • Food boxes
  • Broom
  • Picnic basket
  • Clocks
  • Writing materials (paper, pen, markers)
  • Shopping basket
  • Artificial flowers and vases
  • Newspapers
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Recipe cards


Buy the cape here.


Egg Carton Goggles


All sort of things can happen.

How to make a cast.


Cheeky Sock Puppets


Kids Activity Blog has lots of great tips.


The Nutcracker – perfect for Christmas

The website The Drama Notebook is filled with drama activities, suitable for drama teachers, you  need to be a member to have access to some of the activities. But you will find inspiration and ideas that are free and there is a blog.

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