Reading Challenge

Snuggle down with some books this winter holiday.

A Christmas book challenge encourage children to read three books during the festive season, from Dec 12th to  Jan 6th. During the summer challenge 810,000 children in the UK participated in the Summer Challenge. Apart from the pleasure of reading books there are virtual badges and stickers for reading books. And children can add their books to a book sorter which is a true treasure trove of inspiration for choosing reading material.

In the video below, author Cressida Cowell talks about the challenge. Cressida is the author of How to Train Your Dragon series which we read a very hot summer holiday. . . but I bet they are just as great on a cold winter morning.

Visit your local library, libraries are great places.

And bookstores can also be fantastic places. This bookstore might be a bit special with interesting lightning provided by snakelike fittings, and slippery slide-inspired-shelves house books.


The reading environment is important and so is the  way we display books in our homes. We display porcelain on shelves but we rarely display beautiful books so that children can see them and learn to appreciate the value of books.

Happy reading!




Kidsomania has more great display ideas.

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