Sparking Thinkibility Inspiration – Hearts (3)

Did you know that a human can swim through the main the main arteries in a blue whale’s heart?

Our heart is an amazing place!

In the picture below from the 1250s, you see the first known depiction of a heart as a symbol of romantic love.  In this miniature, a kneeling lover  offers his heart to a damsel.The heart looks like a pine-cone held upside down.


Today we link the heart symbol to a  scalloped shaped form with a dent at its base. This form was first used in the early 14th century. Below are some ideas for using the heart shape to send letters, write poems or talk about love. I hope you love them as much as I do.

I have made a board on Pinterest with ideas.  I must admit that it was difficult to pick some ideas out. . . Go here to see it.

heartMagazine Tree of Hearts

What a beautiful idea – Love grows out of your hand! Trace the shape of your hand to make the trunk of the tree and cut of hearts in different colours to make the leaves.

IMG_8758-683x10241Housing a Forest

Love this idea with Valentine Owl. And they repetition of the words “I Love You” as the background for the owl. You can use this idea and make a drawing of your favourite animal or person.

valentines8-e1328843149250Clever Charlotte

Receiving a  card with a heart stitched on by hand  and a felt envelop will make any heart melt. Felt has a wonderful soft texture and maybe the postman can deliver messages in felt envelops the whole year.


Bubbling Over with Excitement

Ah, beetroot! I remember having to write notes to the dinner ladies saying  that my daughter does not like beetroot, could you please make sure that there is no beetroot added to her salad. Luckily now she loves it!

Here is a fun little science experiment using frozen beetroot juice and vinegar. Then you drop some baking soda mixed with water and watch while the heart bubbles over. You find more great ideas at the blog  Art and Soul Preschool.

IMG_6516Conversation  Love Rocks!

love rocks!
heart rocks!
you rocks!

Talk about Love by using these conversation rocks. Lots of ideas at Red Bird Craft.

heart 2You can buy these cards at Teachers Pay Teachers

A great writing activity with an original poem. You write and draw what is hidden in your heart behind the heart with the poem. Then you lock the heart and give it to someone.  A wonderful way to think about what is hidden in your heart.

  • What do you love?
  • What is lovable about you?
  • What is lovable about your friends, family and pets?
  • How to be lovable?

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