Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Yoga


A drop of balance, an ocean of concentration and a dollop of imagination are needed to make up your own yoga poses.

Making up your own yoga poses is a fun way to move your body and engage your creative muscle.To challenge yourselves a bit  try to make up poses in the snow or sand.


Kids Yoga Stories

I love the way Kids Yoga Stories has made up poses in the snow. You will find information about how to make the poses at their website.

  • Snowshoeing – Mountain Pose variation
  • Skating – Warrior 3 Pose
  • Skiing – Chair Pose
  • Making a Snowman – Squat Pose
  • Sledding – Staff Pose
  • Snow Angels – Resting Pose

aabbPhoto from Media 



On  the beach, Making a Snowman or the Squat Pose can be transformed into Making a Sandcastle Pose. And Snow Angles or the resting Pose could be a Pondering Psammead.

aa 11Psammead


Buzzle has lots of inspiration for animals poses such as lion, cat and cobra. You can use these to make up poses for animals in the snow.

aabbFor the Love of Yoga

Making Yoga Stones makes the yoga training extra special. Everyone can pick a stone from the bag and then try to make the pose. If you are doing some yoga exercise on the lawn, you may try to make some bug poses, butterfly poses or. . .

Photo “Happy Family Having Fun” by photostock

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