Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Pasta (3)

Pasta Art, well, an artist can use all sorts of material. Grab a white canvas, paint some shapes and then glue some colourful pasta on the canvas. Yeka Haski has made some  stunning pasta art.

egyptintro1Egyptian Collar Necklace from Classic Play

Make a stunning Egyptian collar necklace and decorate it with pasta. You can  also make other wearable art like an Egyptian armlets. The  blog Classic Play is filled with Make Stuff, Art Stuff, Travel Stuff, Reading Stuff and Cook Stuff. Warmly recommended.

Noodle SnailMommy Testers

Maybe you have spotted an animal on the way home from preschool. Why not draw an outline of the animal and then glue some uncooked pasta to decorate it.

cat in hat Sarah Butler (found through Pinterest), but  no link to her blog.

Who can resist this charming Cat in the Hat. A dash of red and white paint and some pasta. You can either make your own drawing of the Cat in the Hat or you can download some pictures here.


The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Colourful paper bags puppets with pasta necklaces, button, and noses. These puppets are inspired by Fandango Puppets, which are  designed with unusual items such as candy, pasta, straws, licorice and fruit pieces. Go here to watch some  Fandango Bag Puppets videos.


Stunning Dinosaurs can be found at My Little Princess World

Love this idea of using pasta to make dinosaurs. A great activity to learn about bones. Why not make a skeleton out of pasta. . .


Pasta Skeleton


Learning 4 kids

Invent a pasta monster or new species by inserting pasta into clay or play dough. You can also make a stunning sculpture using pasta and a glue gun.

And if you are hungry. . . well, there are lots of tasty pasta dishes. For more inspiration and instruction for dying  pasta, check out these boards on Pinterest, click here or here.

Photo “Pasta Hearts On A Fork” by Grant Cochrane

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