Mi and Museum City – Linda Sarah


What sort of things would your dream museum have? Paintings of your best friends and pets? Generous tasting samples of the yummiest cakes in the world? Or footprints made by aliens? Or maybe it would be the museum of cats who look like dogs? 

When you think about Museums, well, many of then are grey and dull. Mi live in Museum City and he is bored. And visiting the “Museum of Extreme Politeness” or the “Museum of One Man Walking Very Slowly” sounds very dull. . .

A wonderful sound leads Mi to Yu who plays a one-stringed instrument.  Everything changes and through love of music and food, big wonderous plans are made. But will  Mayor Bouff  let them open up their own fun museum? A real dream museum filled with the most amazing and mind-blowing things.

This book is a treat for the eyes as well as imagination and Mi dreams about “The Museum of Starlit Benches Arranged at Different Heights for Pebble-Dropping”, “The Museum of Impractical clothing” and “The Museum of Rain that housed three billion raindrops and one piece of lost rainbow”.


Mi and Museum City inspires children to think dive into a world filled with whimsical quirky ideas. And to explore and visualise what their take on a  fantastic world would look like.

  • What sort of museum would you like to visit?
  • And if you could open your own museum, what would it be filled with? You can curate your own collection of things at Google Cultural Institute and at Brooklyn Children’s Museum  Show My Stuff.
  • How can you turn your home or school yard into a fun and bright place?
  • If you could transform the world through music and your ideas, what would you change?

With the head buzzing with ideas it is easy to engage in lots of creative activities, such as making  a drawing or a model. Why not compose a little tune. . . a poem or write a letter to the headteacher explaining your ideas.

Mi and Museum City is packed with detailed  drawing that we keep young as well as older children mesmerized for hours – just like the best museum. This book with its intricate sketches provide a big boost to lateral thinking. Every child should be provided with the change to explore imagination and creativity by immersing themselves into  books just like Mi and Museum City.

Want to learn more about the author and illustrator Linda Sarah. Look at the drawing below – what a great way to introduce yourself. How would you introduce yourself. What kind of things would you draw?

And if you like this introduction, you will love the interview that Zoe Toft has made with Linda Sarah about the book – an illustrated interview. Absolutely brilliant!

linda sarah - bio one - jpeg


3 Replies to “Mi and Museum City – Linda Sarah”

  1. Thanks Linda Sarah for writing such a wonderful book. We have spent hours looking at your drawings – we find something new and exciting every time. Love the map with all the museums from A to Z!


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