Museum of Flying Jellyfish (3)

What is interesting about a Museum of Flying Jellyfish?

Inspired by the wonderful creative book Mi and Museum City by Linda Sarah (go here for a review), I thought it would be nice to think dive into different aspects of a “non-sense” museum.The idea is that you can use this approach with any of the fabulous museums in the book.  Or you can invent your own museum. . .

The thinking tool  PMI, stands for Plus, Minus, and Interesting, was developed to ensure that we explore an idea from different perspectives. This rather simple looking approach is a great way to encourage children to explore a subject from different angles. Often we focus on either positive or negative aspects with an idea. This means that we might miss an opportunity to improve upon an idea or even the chance to  get new ideas.

Creative ideas can be found when you explore interesting aspects of an idea. A search for interesting aspects leads to alternatives and possibilities. A think dive into interesting things with a suggestion or idea opens up a child’s thinking. Everything and anything is possible. Just like in the Mi and Museum City  where all sorts of museums are invented. Possibility thinking is at the heart of creative thinking.

What does the Museum look like?

To start with try to imagine what the museum would look like.

  • What sort of things can you find in the museum?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What colours are there?
  • Is the museum quiet?
  • Are there any special sounds?
  • Does the museum have walls and a roof?

What is Great?

Identifying positive aspects with a Museum for Flying Jellyfish involves a search for bright and happy things about this type of Museum.

  • jellyfish are beautiful
  • it is the only Flying Jellyfish Museum in the world
  • seeing a flying jellyfish is a fantastic experience

What is Boring?

To search for negative points means to explore risks and dangerous aspects. And there are many risks with a boring museum. . .

  • the museum is grey and dull
  • flying jellyfish are as boring as swimming jellyfish
  • there is nothing except jellyfish not even a jellybean shop. . .

What is Interesting?

Searching for interesting aspects is a great way to make thinking fun and to teach children to be creative. The interesting ideas can sometimes be developed to new ideas.

  • I do not like museums but I love this museum
  • I want to have a sleepover at the museum so that I can watch the jellyfish instead of the stars
  • you can teach jellyfish to fly

If you want to see a video with a Flying Jellyfish Robot, click here.

Museum of Flying Jellyfish

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