Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Slime, Putty and Gak


Slime, putty, gak – wonderful gooey stuff. Making your own is fun and a real chemistry lesson. You can add a bit physics into the equation by making magnetic silly putty!

You can buy Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty which is magnetic but you can also make your own. The blog “Growing a Jeweled Rose” has a great recipe.

Gak, slime and putty  are stretchy, moldable, sticky  and bouncy – the scientific name for these is “polymers”.

  • Putty is more pliable and less sticky than slime.  Putty can bounce and you can stretch it.
  • Slime is gloopy and sticky.
  • Gak acts like a liquid until to put pressure on it. Suddenly it will firm up and resist the pressure.

Glow in the dark slime is sure to capture everyone’s attention.

glow-in-the-dark-slime-3Domestic Charm

If you are looking for a recipe that uses ingredients that you may have in the cupboard, this recipe for homemade Goop contains cornstarch, baking soda and water. This recipe also invites you to experiment with the ingredients. Does adding more cornstarch make it more or less gooey?

aaIMG_0724Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Many recipes uses Borax but you can also make Gak by using Elmers glue.


Make It and Love It

And you can make slime with glue and washing detergents. The site Wonder How To  has lots of videos with recipes. Warmly recommend

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