Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Cherry Blossom

A cherry tree against a clear blue sky with pink flowers is almost as exciting as watching the delicate petals dance down onto the ground. Walking in your best spring shoes on a pink ground makes you dream about a wonderful lazy summer.

A cherry blossom is the flower from trees of genus Prunus, and particularly famous is the  Japanese Cherry or sakura.  There are also white cherry blossoms.


Preschool Craft for Kids

Love the colour combination in this picture. And you can hear the gentle breeze that encourages the cherry blossoms to take off and fall onto the ground.



A  toilet roll makes a perfect trunk.   Put a little green “hat” on the tree and glue on some bright cherry blossoms.


Musings from Kim K

Pink paint, black marker, paint brush and a delicate touch.



A white cherry blossom tree make out of popcorn.  The website Krokotak has lots of interesting and visually stunning ideas. A visit is warmly recommended.


Activity Village

Florist foam, tissue paper  and some pipe cleaners make a stunning tree.


No Time for Flash Card

Love the way the cherry blossoms cover the branches. Glue tissue paper in different pink shades on a thick trunk.  The trunk can be made out of a paper bag, which has been glued on a blue paper. You can also paint a blue sky with some white fluffy clouds.


Pi’ikea Street

This tree sparkles and glitter is the sun. Pick some sticks  when you are out and about. Use glitter and paper to make the flowers and put some marbles in the vase.


Sugar Aunts

Clothes pin makes a great trunk. Search for  a squirrel or a swing  among the cherry trees.  You can use little people or dinosaurs to play among the trees.


Creative Jewish Mom

Or you can just sit under the cherry blossom tree and dream. What a stunning design!

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