Saturday Thinkibility Inspiration – Clothes to Play

Ever dreamed about making your own clothes? Well, there are several ways to interpret the word “making” – I love the idea when it refers to colouring in! Today, there are  kits that allows kids to colour in dresses, t-shiirts and sweatshirts. Of course,you can also buy your own T-Shirt Graffiti Pens  and there is even bright a Neon T-Shirt Graffiti Pen  and then you can start drawing on a t-shirt or pair of leggins. . .


Love this “Zoo” dress from Giokit, which allows kids to colour their own clothing. You find shirt, t-shirts and sweatshirts and the kit comes with a selection of 6 washable makers.


Faces always attract attention so why not colour in a whole shirt filled with interesting faces.

DIY kawaii Cute face t-shirtPetit à Petit and Family

The optimistic side of me, thinks this looks like an easy project! You find a PDF-file with a template and great instruction at the blog Petit à Petit and Family. I think the mum, who made these t-shirts had a bit of surprise when her kids added to the design. By working together everyone can make a truly original tank top or shirt while sharing some fun moments and laughter together.

kids sewing series Mathis drawing

Petit à Petit and Family

You can also trace your child’s drawings onto a t-shirt  by using tracing  or freezing paper. Let your child  colour in his  drawing. You can also make applications out of felt and sew around the illustrations. The end result may look like the t-shirt below.

from this to thatFinally an idea that I wished I had done with the beautiful scribbles that my daughter made. But I suppose it simply was not fashion that season to walk around with leggings filled with scribbles. Fashion changes quickly. . .

aa1Black and White Scribbles Leggings

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