Sparking Thinkibility Inspiration – Eggstra Special Eggs (13)

 “And out of the egg popped a giant fluffy cubed shaped purple-spotted. . .”

There are so many fantastic bloggers who  have the most stunning ideas for egg and Easter crafts. I warmly recommended Pinterest for some inspiration. In this blogpost, we will look at some strange eggs-shapes. . .

Playing around with the egg-shape can lead to all sort of interesting ideas.There are several fascinating eggs that can be found in nature. And you can of course invent your own shape and create a special creature that pops out of this eggstra special egg.

First you can change the shape of an oval egg and make a cube or heart-shaped egg. You can imagine what kind of  creature that would be popping out of a cube-shaped egg. Making a heart-shaped egg is fun and not very difficult. You can use  a chopstick or skewer to make an indentation in a warm egg and then you simple leave the hard-boiled egg in the fridge for around ten minutes.



But an egg does to have to be oval-shaped or manipulated,  dogfish, sharks, skates and rays  lay strangely shaped eggs sometimes called a mermaid’s purse. These egg cases often have stringy or pointed corner horns. They come in a range of shapes – rectangular, square, and odd shapes.

The horns and the frills are used in identification.

  • You can invent your own Easter animal. And make a special egg with some amazing frills. . .  so that you can quickly see what animals it belongs to.  Use clay or branches. . .


Lesser spotted dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula) Yellow Strand 11June2011Dogfish

Spotted Ray (Raja montagui) (upper side) Yellow Strand Jan2012Rays and Skates

I love the soft translucent octopus eggs. Hundreds of thousands of eggs are laid on rocks or corals.

  • What can you use to make a translucent sparkling egg?
  • And where does this creature live?
  • Make a giant map and mark where the creature that crawls out of your egg lives.

octopus-5bFred Bavendam/

Frog eggs are see-through and the black or dark brown embryos are surrounded by layers of gelatinous material. The eggs can absorb warmth from the sun which the gelatinous material keeps.

  • What other ideas can you think of to keep an egg warm? Build a model and test to see if keeps your egg warm.


What sort of creature that would hatch from a dinosaur eggs? These eggs can be large elongated spheres or tear drops over 60 cm long. The eggshells may have tiny pores to allow gases to get to the creature inside.

  • What other ways can you think of that allows gases to pass through an eggshell?


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