Mind Mapping – What Might Be

Violet Sky2

Exploring “What might be” is a fantastic opportunity to imagine how something might change. Learning to consider and explore consequences of actions and decisions is a crucial approach to thinking that all children should be taught. In a previous blog post “Why is the sky not Violet?” we looked at some scientific explanations to why we see a blue sky rather than a violet sky. Below is a mind map that shows some of the ideas in that blog post.

We have used two central ideas to show our ideas. Between the two central ideas is an arrow with the words “What might be”. This approach highlights that we are looking at the consequences of  a change in the way we see the sky – from blue to purple (our eyes are more sensitive to blue light, yet the sky should look violet since violet is has a shorter wavelength as compared to blue light).

The Think Dive branch (look at central idea – Blue Sky ) provides a guide to the mind map. You could describe it as a metacognitive branch, where the aim is to reflect upon the purpose of the mind map. Using the word Think Dive, may make this a more exciting part, and it also highlights that thinking and refection is an activity.

The branch Feeling (look at central idea – Violet Sky) explores how the colour Violet makes us feel. What would it be like to live in a world with a violet sky? Colours affects us in different ways. We think it is important to always use a branch to explore feelings and the focus can be on several different things. For example, exploring how you feel about a suggestion or idea.

Violet Sky1

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