Re-Invent Drawing


Delightful inspiration!

How do you draw? How do you use  crayons and pencils? And could you re-imagine drawing?

The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, with the help of Italian design duo Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli of Mathery Studio, challenges everything that we normally link to drawing. And it is done in the most exciting, creative and amazing way. An extraordinary multisensory experience.

“Pastello – Draw Act re-imagines traditional drawing tools and processes”.


Children are encouraged to draw not only with their hands but also with their heads and feet. Crayon-clad helmets and shoes. Giant crayons are rolled around in what could be described as, well, a drawing pit! And  swinging pendulums create the most colourful drawing.

The whole body is used to expand not only our understanding of drawing but also of our body. A real think dive into the possibilities of  drawing where care has been taken to design an environment that temps and sparks new ideas about how to draw. Experimentation and breaking “the normal pattern” are a vital factors needed to develop a mind that can embrace challenges and be inventive.


I would love to see this exhibition! And while I am waiting for the ticket;-) we are thinking about ways to re-inventing  drawing ourselves. A starting point for change  is to talk about what we normally think that drawing is and  see if we can change some of the aspects:

  • The size and shape  of the paper
  • The size and shape of the crayons or pencils
  • Where we are drawing
  • What body parts we are using when we are drawing
  • Can we design a machine that draws?
  • Can we change the temperature and melt crayons to make a drawing? (look at this fantastic board on Pinterest for some inspiration)
  • Can we include smell?
  • Can we use glitter or beads in the drawing? Or fresh flowers?
  • Can we re-invent water-colours and oil-painting?
  • Can we turn clay or play-doh into a multisensory experience?

Need more inspiration. Look at these photos from Pastello, they will give you plenty of ideas.


PASTELLO Draw Act for NGV from Mathery on Vimeo.

Photo Pastello and Sydney Morning Herald (nr3)

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