The Dino Pet – The Magic of Bioluminescence


Oh, we love our cat and dog.

But our hearts have room for more pets. And the Dino Pet tops the wish lists.What can be cooler than taking care of a glowing dinosaur.

The Dino Pet was invented and designed by Yonder Biology to bring a bit magic and of ignite an interest for biology. The toy brings art and science together and with some love and care, this pet should last forever. Dino Pet needs some sunlight and the occasional snack, you can buy Dino Food to make sure that your pet is not hungry and continues to glow.

To encourage the next generation of earth stewards, Yonder Biology has developed a remarkable living toy.

“We aim to create an interactive toy that teaches kids that magic is found in understanding the world around you. To understand and to work with Nature is paramount to living more sustainably. Harnessing biology to produce energy, medicines and entertainment is the future,” they say.

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Bioluminescence has always fascinated me and visiting a beach glowing with tiny organisms such as bacteria, algae, jellyfish, and worms, is a dream vacation. The Dino Pet is powered with dinoflagellates (bioluminescent plankton) and it comes alive during the night. The dinoflagellates provided inspiration for the name and the design of the toy.

The Dino Pet may not breathe but is glows with life.  And just like our cat and dog need petting, the cool Dino Pet needs shaking to sustain the biolight.

You can buy Dino Pet here. Available Summer 2014!

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