Love a Cloud

Fresh air, bare feet + grubby hands = active learning!

Cloud Hunt Bingo, Cloud Hunting Goggles and Fog Catching. Looking for material to use in school or for home-schooling? Teachers pay Teachers is a market place where educators buy, sell and share teaching material. A couple of weeks ago I won “Clouds – Activities celebrating all things cloudy” by Mrs Hug a Bug from Green Grubs Garden Club.

 This little booklet is packed with varied activities and ideas. Cloud hunting is a great activity and this booklet is sure to spark an interest in clouds. The booklet is filled with engaging activities and facts about clouds. Creative names are used to describe the activities and names, like cryptic clouds and camouflage clouds sounds inviting and fun. Different cloud types are explained and there are several suggestions and activities that inspired us to look for different types of clouds in the sky.


I also received a copy of Fairy Houses.We loved the imagination design challenge where we used different materials such as leaves and pine cones to make a little house. Opening  the mystery door was exciting and we had fun writing about what we saw in the little house.  A great activity to practice changing the perspective.  Overall this booklet is filled with creative activities that gave our imagination muscles a real workout!

You  find some stunning boards made by Green Grubs Garden Club on Pinterest.


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