Jump! by Julia Dweck


What does it feel like the first time you dare to live outside the box? And are there any tricks that you can learn to help you jump outside the box?

Meet Jack who has spent his whole life in a box. One day the spring that has kept him in the box breaks. And Jack jumps out of the box. Free at last, or maybe not. Jack feels lost and scared without his safe box.

"Jump" by Julia Dweck

Julia Dweck has written a fun and engaging book with a subtle message – “When you believe in yourself, you can jump with your eyes open.” But sometimes you need a friend who shows you how to Jump. Jack meets the dog Barker who is more than willing to show Jack.

“But you can jump outside right now.
Come hop along. I’ll show you how.”

"Jump" by Julia Dweck

Barker takes Jack on a jumping adventure. And the friends happily hop onto a trampoline, leap from an airplane, bungee jump from a wobbly bridge and even end up jumping into a cake. But the ending is the best part, where Barker takes Jack back to his old box and Jack tests different ways that he can jump over his old box. . . over and around. . .

The bright and colourful illustration by Brian Allen captures the motion and feelings involved in each jump. Love the perspective when Barker and Jack are jumping on the trampoline.It feels like they are jumping straight into your face. It this does not make you long for jumping outside the box, nothing will. . . Pure joy radiates from their happy faces.

So trust yourself and keep Jumping! This rhyming book is a perfect book for showing children that it is fine to be nervous before you embark something new, but once you dare to step outside, you can discover some really wondrous jumps that makes the world a more exciting place.

At the end of the book, there are some facts, scrambled jumps (language activity) and ideas for writing a story about jumping.Who are the world’s fastest jumpers? What animals can jump 50 times its body length. The charming book Jump has all the answers

Thanks Julia for the review copy!

Sparking Thinkibility Inspiration

To let the thinking jump around  is a great approach to getting new perspectives and insights. Here is a lat jumping problem. How many ways can you jump over a box?

Jack jumped:

  • over
  • and around
  • and refuses to jump into the box again

But are there any other ways to jump over a box. Take a big box and test. Or use a little box and let your favourite  toy jump. Use a match box or a shoe box. . .

Test ideas like:

  • jump by using the hands
  • jump with knees to the chest
  • arms above the head. . .

Design and build a jumping machine. Set up a self-serving table with  materials like cardboard boxes, strings, straws, chopsticks, twigs, branches, cotton balls. . .

  • build a “thingy” that lifts the box up into the air and jump under the box
  • build a box jumping machine
  • use several boxes and put the toy in one box and let the box jump over other boxes – use strings to lift up boxes. . .

Jump on the challenge!

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