Toys that Inspire Imagination and Creativity

Hours of fun!

Yet encouraging creativity is sometimes hard work – the world is filled with things that beep and blink and demand children’s attention. Here are some of my favourite toys to  help unleash imagination and creativity. And yes, you have to get down on the floor  and actually playing with them. It is worth the investment in time and such fun!

Let’s start with some simply adorable dressing up costumes from OMY. This French brand has a great E-shop filled with toys that encourage kids to be creative.

Bright, bold and colourful! I can hear some great roaring!

Decorate the cardboard costumes using acrylic paint, markers, stickers, glitter, glue, collage. . .




Shadow theatre! The perfect way to spend an autumn evening. The rain and rattling window panes provides the perfect inspiration for story telling. You can also use these animals to tell a bedtime story. There is a snail, giraffe, dog, deer and turtle and you can of course make up your own shadows.

You find these fun felt animals at Noga Ravin’s Etsy shop, which also has a great selection of imaginary soft friends. Finding a name for the soft toys is a creative challenge in itself. . .



Think the unthinkable!

Playing   Disruptus is a great way to give the creative and imaginary muscles are workout. Roll of a die and start to innovate.

Disruptive thinking is a powerful way to innovate. It is a way to look at an object or idea and then come up with an entirely different way to achieve the same result.

Marvell at the stunning visual effects as your child grows in skills using Georello Kaleidogears Each gear is decorated with a different design. Create a chain reaction and learn some basic principles of mechanics.


Quadrilla Vertigo offers endless possibilities to create and build that perfect marble run. Test your skills in making a fast track using different connecting blocks, accelerators and action pieces.


I love toys that combine imagination, creativity and moving your body around. The Teeter Popper ticks all the right boxes. Bilbo is another great toy!


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