The Inventor of Fairies


Close your eyes and imagine a fairy. What do you see?

Changes are that you will see a tiny person, with long hair and shimmering wings. The fairy is surrounded by flowers, moonlight and glitter.

But what if your were asked to invent a new fairy. What would the fairy look like?

Samantha Bryan’s sculptures of whimsical aviator fairies caught my eyes yesterday. I must admit that most modern fairies do not tempt me, but I love the flower fairies that Cicely Mary Barker  painted see The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies. But these fairies, they are something special. . .


Design challenges are great to get children thinking. Set up a table with materials and ask them to invent a new type of fairy. Recycle materials such as egg-cartons, toilet rolls, cardboard boxes and milk cartons are great to use. Straws, twigs, paper, pipe cleaners, muffin paper, dollies, feathers, pine cones, conkers, acorns. . .

Think dive and ponder over. . .

  • What would the fairy look like?
  • What does the fairy like to do?
  • What does the fairy night-dream about?
  • Any special skills?
  • Where does the fairy sleep?
  • What does he or she like to eat?
  • How does the fairy travel?




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